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July 18, 2008 : All game information at your finger tips

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We did it!

We built the most amazing game search engine and released it to the web today. aggregates Information Sources like nothing else on the web. It is more than a meta-search, it is a meta-meta-search. It is built on our proprietary technology which enables us to create an awesome user experience.

We integrate Feed Information, News, Cheats, Reviews, just everything that is great for Gamers.

Now that we have a basic version on the site we will unleash a thunderstorm of new features that we will present on this blog.


Our new Blog

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We changed our blog to wordpress, because we didn’t want to build blog software. We want to build the best search software there is.

As usual it did not take us long to find the right one. Both Björn and I had already worked with wordpress, so when we decided this morning that we needed better blogging software, it was immediately clear what we would do.

We had experimented with Serendipity, but even the little management you have to do there would have kept us from our mission. Why spend 1 hour configuring a blogging system, when you can just sign up at wordpress?

Blog at