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July 22, 2008

Press Release: Game search engine provides you with more time for gaming

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Bochum, Germany. If you’re passionate about computer and video gaming you now can keep yourself informed for free at, using modern semantic search technology. is for everyone who is looking for information about his or her favourite game, as well as companies in the gaming market who want to stay on top of the most recent developments.

The Problem:

Information about games is distributed throughout the Web. There are hundreds of sites about gaming. Keeping yourself informed in this area in order not to miss anything becomes more and more difficult and means hard work.

Someone searching for information about the latest game frequently has to stop playing his or her favourite game for hours. Many gamers simply don’t like that.

Now gamers can now leave this painful work to

The Idea: is a product by MetaSieve, the German technology leader when it comes to search engines. If you like gaming you don’t want to spend hours searching just because you need a cheat code, want to know something about the latest game or simply want to find like-minded people. Gamers want to play not search. Says Florian Dömges, CEO at MetaSieve: “I wouldn’t want to stop playing Bioshock for 2 hours just for searching for information. However, I like to stay informed. When I’m through with a game I’m quickly in for something new. helps me to stay informed with minimum effort.”

It couldn’t be easier:

The gamer enters a search term in the search box at then sends dozens of queries to the most important information sources and processes the results.

The gamer sees everything that’s relevant to the search term at the first glimpse. The results include news, reviews, patches, forum entries and products.

The user can switch between these categories using tabs. If you frequently search for the same term you can register and collect a list of bookmarks for easy access to search results. currently is available in an English and a German language version. Depending on the language different information, custom-tailored for the respective market, will be displayed. is a product by MetaSieve.


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