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April 18, 2009

emTain på svenska (plus other cool stuff)

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Yesterday, we rolled out our first update of emTain. Moreover, we now also have an emTain merchandise shop.

Here’s an overview of the bugs that got fixed, the improvements and the new features of emTain:

Fixed bugs

  •$TooManyClauses: maxClauseCount is set to 1024
  • org.compass.core.engine.SearchEngineQueryParseException: Failed to parse query
  • Invoke video services with URL-encoded parameters
  • Playlist title input field renders special characters as HTML entities


  • Show playlist title edit form when clicking on title
  • Paginate ‘My playlists’
  • Show more than 10 tags in tag cloud
  • Truveo support
  • Swedish translation
  • Display ‘No videos found’ message
  • Add Spreadshirt shop link
  • Paginate search results
  • Telling playlist name has to be obligatory

New Features

  • Password retrieval feature
  • “Invite” feature
  • Show 10 most recent registrations
  • Daily “What’s hot right now?” playlists
  • User feedback form

April 6, 2009

Find Videos and Share them with your Friends

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Finding new and interesting videos in the vast ranges of the internet is not always an easy undertaking. Different providers of videos compete for customers. Searching them all for new and interesting material for information or entertainment is often cumbersome and rather costly in terms of time. When one has finally located interesting videos from the choices offered by the different suppliers it is often futile to try and compose them all into one playlist. In the end one messes with downloading and configuration forever and the results still leave much to be desired.

The online search service emTain ( offers new and convenient features for finding videos online and for putting together your playlists.

emTain stands for electronic media entertainment. emTain searches through the videos offered by different providers from one single platform. From the result lists one can compose, play and save playlists with just a few mouse clicks. Lists can be edited, saved and replayed later as desired.

The search function contains a few new and useful options:
emTain composes rankings of the most popular videos and search words from the searches of the users. These lists can be viewed by the users and make it easier to find interesting new material. The most popular videos or those most frequently added to user’s playlists can be displayed in ranked lists. From this, a pretty good idea can be gathered about what the most popular videos connected to a search word or search topic are. Search words can be organised in tag clouds. A tag cloud contains the search words of related searches. This way a search topic can quickly be surveyed.

With a few clicks videos from the result lists can be added to the playlist. It is as easy to delete a video from the list with just a click. It does not matter whether subsequent videos are from the result lists of different providers.

The finished playlist can simply be saved and be brought back later. Of course the playlist can be modified later as well.

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