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June 27, 2009

For the Twitter addicts among you:

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MetaSieve‘s proud to announce (, a new web app that allows you to display Twitter messages for a certain topic or location on single page (called ‘wall’). combines some of the features of Twitter Wall with the best features of Graffitio. Besides, we’ve implemented some additional cool features like Google Maps integration, a close both-way connection to Twitter and regular searches for trending topics as well.

Please have a look at our Twitter account, too:

Oh, and of course, as usual this one‘s been done with Grails.


June 21, 2009

It’s release time: emTain 0.4

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We’ve released a new version of emTain today. Some of the changes are listed below:


  • [EMTAIN-143] – Remove videos that have been added to playlist from result list
  • [EMTAIN-145] – Improve UI performance
  • [EMTAIN-150] – Change spinner alt attributes to ‘Loading

New Feature

  • [EMTAIN-147] – Post new playlists to Twitter using URL shortener


June 4, 2009

emTain version 0.3 is online

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The latest version of, the multimedia find engine is now online. Apart from several bugfixes it contains the following changes


  • [EMTAIN-68] – Include Twitter name input field in registration form
  • [EMTAIN-75] – Sort playlists descendingly under ‘My playlists’
  • [EMTAIN-86] – Add ‘Add to playlists’ button to each video result in playlist/show
  • [EMTAIN-107] – Playback video in centre of page instead of modal
  • [EMTAIN-129] – Layout improvements
  • [EMTAIN-130] – Enable pagination for Funny or Die

New Feature


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